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About Us

The average US community, as defined by US zip codes, spends over $500 million dollars annually.  
My Great City Community Chamber of Commerce help communities leverage their consumer spending to establish  a  community fund, we call "Community Shark Tank TM", in their neighborhoods to support scholarships, entrepreneurs and start-up non-profits. 


We recruit businesses, corporations, organizations and individuals to partner with your community to contribute to your "Community Shark Tank TM.".


We work with local financial institutions and members from the community to establish and manage the "Community Shark Tank TM"


We believe every community and every student deserves a fund dedicated to helping them achieve their hopes and dreams for the future.  


My Great City Community Chamber of Commerce is an interactive online community.  Our  goal is to establish long term profitable relationships between businesses and communities by supporting the things our members care about.



Our Business Services include:

My Community Think Tank

Annual Memberships,

Community Festivals and Events,

Online Consumer Directory,

Advertising on My Great City social media platforms and websites,

Sponsorships, and






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