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The Community Chamber of Commerce is part of a national movement #BePresentOccupyYallStreet. 

The new wealth of the 21st century is in the palm of your hand, (your cellphone and your social media accounts.)  


#BePresentOccupyYallStreet goal is to inspire communities to discover, use and protect the vast wealth currently available to them by using their cellphones and social media accounts in different ways.

The movement is based on the premise that the average US community, as defined by zip codes, have a combined income of over $500 million dollars, the average social media page is connected to over $500 million dollars. (and, yes your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc., each is connected to over $500 million dollars) 

What does #BePresentOccupyYallStreet mean? 

"Be PRESENT" mean to take ownership by organizing and occupying the  wealth currently in your community and on your social media to ensure a return for you, your families and your communities.

The Community Chamber of Commerce is here to help individuals and communities organize to leverage the wealth in their communities.  

We use the following methods and strategies to leverage the wealth in communities: 

We use our cellphones, our social media accounts, the "Y'all Street" mobile app, community events and word of mouth to promote businesses that are partnering and contributing to the Community Shark Tank.  The Community Shark Tank gives out money to the community four times a year for scholarships, entrepreneurs, and community good works. 

Join the movement #BePresentOccupyYallStreet today! 


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