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We are currently open for  charter members in your zip code.


What is a charter member?

A charter member is a founding member with special benefits.

For example:  As a charter member of My Great City Community Chamber you will help establish a chapter in your community. You will receive preferential treatment when your business, or non-profit is seeking funding from My Great City local advisory committee.


Annual memberships start at $225.00  Contact our office for your Charter Member rate.   Offer ends January 15, 2016.


Once you become a charter member we will establish a My Great City Community Chamber in your zip code to begin fundraising activities.


Here is how the process works for our members:

  1. We create an economic profile of your zip code to determine the amount of revenue currently available in your community.

  2. We kick off a marketing campaign to raise funding to serve your zip code.  

  3. Each quarter your local advisor committee will review proposals from members from your community seeking funding for their business plans, non-profits and scholarships for local students.

  4. The advisor committee evaluate proposals based on a simple scoring system, which includes:

    1. 15 points for Charter Members

    2. 15 points for recruiting (5) or more community members. (An additional point for each member over 5.)

    3. 30 points for business plan validation (using the 5 C’s)

    4. 20 points for more than 100 “Likes” on your My Great City Portal for your business or non-profit. ( An additional 5 points for each 100 “Likes” over 100)

    5. 20 points for current member. ( Memberships are renewed annually)

Become a charter member today!   

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