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Day of Declaration Ceremony 


Day of Declaration Ceremonies


Participating schools, churches, community groups and organizations across the city will host My Great City Day of Declaration ceremonies for students grades 4th -12th.  


The My Great City Day of Declaration ceremonies are mock graduations where participating students declare their future career choices before their family, friends and the community.

Throughout the year students can register their career vision on the education portal “” of the local Community Chamber of Commerce. 

Students that remain in the My Career Space program earn points for scholarships and/or entrepreneurial  funding after graduation.

During the ceremony an officials or a locally recognized community leaders call student’s name along with the student’s chosen  career choice. Students walk across the stage to receive their Certificates of Declaration. 

At the beginning of the ceremony officials from the Community Chamber of Commerce and other community partners will make a declaration of  support to students with mentoring, scholarship and entrepreneurial funding through the Community Chamber of Commerce.  

To signup  your school, church, or community group up to host a My Great City Day of Declaration ceremony fill out the form below. 

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