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Earn points for scholarships.

Students grades 4-12 can earn points toward scholarships by participating in My Career Space. 

What is My Career Space? 

My Career Space is a program to help students identify, develop and achieve their future careers. 

My Career Space is a proven four-step leadership program, developed by the country's top leadership experts. Using this program students are able to identify, pursue, and achieve their vision for the future. 

Once a student has identified a career vision to pursue, they are automatically connected to a community of resources, career mentors, and the support of their local Community Chamber of Commerce. 

How to get started?

Students can join "My Career Space" through their school, community organization, church or through a parent or guardian. 

How do students earn points towards scholarship? 

Participating students earn points by meeting career challenges, volunteering, and a host of other activities.  

After graduation or receiving a GED, participating students can use their points toward scholarships or funding to start a small business or nonprofit. 

To get started click here. 

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