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Need funding for your startup business or nonprofit? 

Submit your ideas to your local Community Shark Tank for possible funding. 

How does the Community Shark Tank work? 

1.  Contestants that following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will receive a total of 15pts toward their final score. (Contestants under 18 are not required to follow us on social media)

2. You must own at least  51% of your proposed venture.


3. Your idea must meet at least 4 of 6 funding criteria to be considered for funding. (Click "get started" link below for funding criteria). 

4. Join the #BePresentOccupyYallStreet  movement on Twitter to earn 10pts towards your final score.


5. Along with funding winners will also receive professional business coaching. 

Category of funding: 

Ages 12-14. Winner: $2,500.00  and (3 months of online professional business coaching)

Ages 15-17.  Winner: $2,500.00 and (3 months of online professional business coaching) 

Ages 18 and up. (4) Winners: $5,000.00 each, and (up to 12 months of professional business coaching) 

(Contestants under age 18 must have the permission of a parent or guardian to participate.)

Contest not open to students enrolled in College or University. 

 All interested college, university students can apply to the SITW SPLASH! Pitch Competition online at:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


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