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Need Money for College?   

Join the Occupy Y'all Street Movement today! 

Students ages 18-24 have access to money for college through the Community Chamber of Commerce "Occupy Y'all Street" campaign. 


As an active member of the "Occupy Y'all Street" campaign students can petition their local Community Chamber's Shark Tank for tuition assistance. 

Here is how it works: 

1. Join the Community Chamber of Commerce"Occupy Y'all Street" campaign in your home zip code or college campus zip code. 

2. Download the "Y'all Street" App.

Funds are award based on accumulated points and a presentation to the local Community Shark Tank panel.

How do you accumulate points: 

  1. Become a Community/Campus Captain for "Occupy Y'all Street" campaign. 

  2. Download the App and encourage others to do so. 

  3. Use the Y'all Street App to accumulate points, FREE Stuff, discounts, etc.  
  4. Attend monthly events like "Party with Partners" mixers. 
  5. Volunteer in your local community
  6. ​Submit funding request to local Community Shark Tank Panel. 

    Funding is granted quarterly based on available funding. 


    Students are ranked by the local CST panel based on accumulated points and final presentation.

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