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What is a Zone Improvement Plan?  


Your Zone Improvement Plan is the five-digit number that identifies the area where you live, also known as your "Zip Code."  According to the US Census, the average American Zone Improvement Plan (Zip Code) has a combined annual income of over $500 million dollars.

The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic has forced each community to rethink their priorities.  The Community Chamber of Commerce is here to help communities rebuild the kind of communities they desire. 


Raising Funding to support your dream and goals.  


The Community Chamber of Commerce works with communities and neighborhoods in our ZIP program to recruit sponsors and partners to fund your Zone Improvement Plan.

How is the money managed and distributed?

Your Zone Improvement Plan will be professionally managed by the Community Chamber of Commerce local and national chapter.  Quarterly and annual audits are performed each year. 

Up to 80% of all the money raised for your Zone Improvement Plan will go directly to support the programs and projects listed in your Zone Improvement Plan.

Money is distributed for scholarships, entrepreneurs and non-profits in the community.


Do recipients have to pay back the money they receive from the Zone Improvement Plan program?

No.  The money is a gift.

Who is eligible to receive money from the Zone Improvement Program?

Anyone who is a proven resident of at least one year in the targeted Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP Code) can participate in the funding process.

How can I bring ZIP to my community?

  1. Register your community (click here.) 

  2. Recruit at least 10 residents to join your community site. (They must live in same Zip Code).

  3. Develop a plan on how you will promote your ZIP plan to local:  

    1. Schools

    2. Entrepreneurs, Startup Businesses

    3. Non-profit

  4. Create and post a vision for your ZIP using plans from your city, local students, neighborhoods, school district and residents from the community.

For help Contact us. (Click here.) 

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